Merrill Diddy

Merrill was born in Baltimore, MD on October 27, 1999 and spent her first six months traveling on a 47-foot motor yacht with her parents.  Her home then moved to land but her sights are clearly set on the stars. 

Merrill literally walked into a television career and made her debut at age 3, on Thanksgiving Day in Nashville, TN.   She walked onto the set of a jewelry show on Shop At Home and told her TV Host mother and millions of viewers that she'd like to "go potty".  The national audience loved the little blonde and Merrill soon represented Sabudda books and Kodak. 

Merrill was featured in an episode of "From Emeril's Kitchen" with Chef Emeril Lagasse where she learned to say "Bam" with the cooking icon.  She was also a featured performer in the "Tina Tickelini Presents Giggles and Goosebumps" children's video with Billboard hit songwriter Kirsti Manna.

After winning several Showcase awards as a singer, dancer and actress, Merrill performed on various stages in Nashville, TN and across the country.  She has taken dance, voice and acting lessons since the age of 3. 

The "little Diddy" placed in the top 5 in Acting, Talent, Photogenic and Top Model competitions in the National American Miss Iowa Junior Pre-Teen Pageant.  Merrill won the state title and is the reigning National American Miss Iowa Junior Pre-Teen.  She was voted "Miss Personality" at the National Pageant in Hollywood, CA.

You can see Merrill in the Hawk-I insurance commercial and in a supporting role in the independent film "Music Most Fowl".  She was a part of the "The Offering", a feature directed by Bruce Heppner-Elgin, and  "Splatter",  directed by Lonnie Schuyler of Melrose Place. 

Merrill worked as a voice over artist for Music City's Cumulus Radio.  She spent  summer 2009 under the direction of Randall K. West and the "Way Off Broadway" Theater Company at the Sondheim Center for the Arts.

Ten-year-old Merrill enjoys riding horses, writing skits, reading books, "jamming out" to music, playing with her pets, and donating her time to charities.

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